Saturday, July 28, 2012

Women's Olympic Gymnastics Leotards Rock!

If I had known the Olympics uniforms were going to be such a gorgeous sparkly dark pink the year I was seventeen, I might either have fought my parents harder when they banned me from gymnastics or sneaked around behind their backs to train. The odds would have been astronomically against me, anyway. Only five girls in the nation are wearing them today, and I wasn't anything resembling a shoo-in even to make it to the trials. I don't have the ideal build. I'm  small, but I'm long-legged with a small torso, which isn't optimal because longer arms and legs get in the way, and even before the injuries and illnesses struck me, I wasn't that strong. Furthermore, I don't think there was anything i would have been able to say that would have changed my parents' minds. Still, those uniforms are incredibly hardcore. When someone starts selling knockoffs, I may have to purchase one.

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