Saturday, July 21, 2012

My PseudoAunt used to read and very infrequently post at She's not an exmormon, but she found it useful at times to have a place to be among like-minded individuals while she attended BYU as an undergrad and law school student, and she didn't say this, but she probably also had a desire to vent regarding inlaws that are almost entirely practicing Mormons. She stopped going anywhere near the website because she found it to be very snobbish. She felt that when she commented on a thread, her comments were totally ignored, and when she asked a question, that, too, was ignored.

My PseudoAunt is hypersensitive at times, so all of us took her account of the supposed snobbishness of the message board with about two tablespoons of salt. My PseudoUncle even went so far as to post on the message board himself, airing his wife's thoughts and asking what the story was. He was relatively warmly-received and was assured the board was not cliquish or snobby.

I had a question relative to domestic help in the Romney household that could possibly  be answered by a Mormon. Mormons tend to know Mormons who know other Mormons, etc., so that there's typically a very  finite number of  degrees separating a given Mormon from  a celebrity Mormon. I introduced myself in my post, which was one of the things other posters recommended to my PseudoUncle that my Pseudoaunt do. I was polite and not overly wordy. I wrote just enough to explain what I wanted to know, why I wanted to know it, and why I thought the message board might be a decent source for the information I was seeking.

My message was unilaterally ignored when I posted it. I posted a reply reply to my own thread to move it to the top again. It was then ignored again until the thread was removed by the moderator.

PseudoAunt, I take my words back. You were not paranoid. The posters at really do behave snobbishly and cliquishly.

If anyone thinks it might just be my age that is a problem to the regulars there (I'm a regular reader, just not a regular poster; PseudoAunt read regularly for several years before ever posting anything) a vapid poster there who calls herself Chelseamarie and who supposedly  just turned sixteen quite regularly posts nonsense that receives responses.

If you have concerns with separating from LDS Inc. and need a support group, I wouldn't recommend as a source of support unless you have really thick skin. Ss a group, they appear to be about as cliquish as Mormons are.

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  1. I know what you mean. I've been reading and posting on RfM for years, but it took some time before people paid attention to me. I don't post often because I'm a nevermo, but I read there a lot. It takes time before you become part of the group. They tend to be an angry and suspicious lot sometimes. However, I have run into some very talented people there, and it's a good place to find book and music suggestions. I write reviews and RfMers are great about clicking when I post links to Mormon related stuff I write about.