Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Delayed Trip

The working vacation has been delayed for a few days because my pseudouncle is sick. He's not accompanying us on our trip, but his wife doesn't want to leave until he's better. In my opinion, the postponement is not so much because she's worried as that she can't give up her one opportunity to play Nurse Nancy.  This is the first time her husband has been sick since they were married over four years ago.
Ironically, he made it through his pediatric clerkship in medical school and the first year of his residency, when an intern works mostly outside his specialty and is exposed to many pathogens, without contracting as much as a cold. I won't read too much into this illness, though, as everyone gets sick once in awhile, and he was overdue.

I had a dream -- a nightmare, really -- that I learned Willard Romney is a fairly close relative. The dream spooked me out enough that I consulted the online pages where zealous relatives have uncovered my genealogy on both sides, to ensure that it really was just a dream. it was. I'll sleep soundly tonight without that millstone hanging around my neck and encroaching upon my unconsciousness.

The matter that compels PseudoAunt and me away from balmy Pacific shores is too sensitive for publication even on a not-highly-read blog, but I can divulge that I will be assisting with legal work while I am there. The prospect is most exciting to me.



  1. Good to hear Jillian is feeling better. I hope Scott kicks whatever is ailing him soon. And, have fun on your trip. :)

  2. Scott has pinkeye, a double ear infection, and a bad sinus infection. the eyes are already improving, and he has antibiotic drops, so his ears aren't hurting too much while waiting for the oral meds to kick in. The sinus infection may take a couple of days. He'll live.

    I'll email you tonight about what I'm doing on my trip.