Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Willard is still Willard even if it makes me a rat

I just read a Chicago Tribune column by someone named Eric Zorn, the title of which was "Only Rats Call Romney Willard." I'll link it here in the unlikely event that anyone wishes to read it, though I don't think it's a particularly interesting or informative read.

The "rats" reference alludes to a 1970's movie, Willard, about a social misfit whose only meaningful relationships were with rats. It's a prequel to another not-all-that-great flick, Ben, which at least had a Michael Jackson song as its claim to fame.

Zorn decries name-calling by name-calling those he has declared guilty of name-calling (ambiguous at best, I concede). I  disagree with his premise. Willard is the man's given name, and he hasn't legally changed it. I reserve the right to refer to Romney as Willard. If that makes me a rat to some, bring on the cheese..

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