Friday, July 27, 2012

All My Dysfunctional Children: The Next Chapter in the Continuing Jackson Family Saga

Randy Jackson now say that he fears that the executors of his late brother's estate will kill his mother when she goes to court to ask for shared guardianship of Michael's three children. exactly where did Randy Jackson find  mushrooms wild enough  to inspire that amazing paranoid trip?

Additionally, it was reported that one of Katherine's daughters (presumably not LaToya, as she's shown the good judgment to remain uninvolved  in this most recent Jackson family foray into batshit craziness) persuaded someone to present himself or herself as a doctor to Katherine Jackson in order to persuade her to travel to Arizona.

This real-life soap opera gives me a reason to wake up in the morning. I know I'll discover a new development each time I turn on my laptop. Since i'm feeling quite lousy, it's nice to have something positive in my life, even if it's something incredibly negative in the lives of three minors. I would gladly sacrifice my own entertainment for more peace and stability in their lives, but since i have no control over the situation, it makes not difference, anyway.

I wonder if the judge-mandated investigation into the welfare of the three Jackson children could lead to "assault and battery on a minor charges" against Janet Jackson.

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