Friday, July 6, 2012

The Politics of Age

I haven't made a secret of my general distaste for Mitt Romney. I like him neither as a person nor as a political entity. Between his virtual anaphylaxis  in the face of truth and reality, to the incomprehensibly low arithmetical sum  of his taxation in comparison to his overall wealth, to his gross inability to  relate to  day-to-day problems as experienced by our nation's ordinary citizens, I happen to think that it would be difficult  to ferret out a poorer candidate for our nation's highest office . Individuals in possession of dissenting opinions can and will manifest their dissent in  voting booths throughout our nation .

I, on the other hand, have no right or ability to manifest anything in any voting booth this year, as I will not turn eighteen until twenty-six days after the election. It discourages me to have no say in the outcome of this year's presidential slugfest, but other elections will come. ***   Still, as a person who has been following presidential elections relatively closely since the 2000 Bush-Gore affront to democracy, and once again to have no recourse but to sit on the sidelines as the future of our nation for the next four years is decided by others, many of whom know and care  less than I do, is to me an affront of epic proportions. While I recognize the limitations -- perhaps even the futility -- of having just one vote, still, it is one vote. Right now I can only covet that vote, but it will one day be mine.

Meanwhile, do I continue to obsess on my aversion for every aspect of Mitt Romney?  The answer is no. I shall take the proverbial political high road. The blogosphere has heard from this blog its final mention of the name Mitt Romney . . . because that's not really his name. The presumptive  Republican presidential nominee will heretofore be referenced in this blog by his proper name, which is Willard  Romney.

 P. S. This is just one entry in a  long-standing blog, just as Willard Romney occupies a mere tiny fragment of my consciousness.  I will not allow my obsessive dislike of the person or the candidate to overtake this blog or my thoughts.

 ***unless we see the dire predictions of conservative wack job harbingers of doom come to fruition when President Obama takes over the nation and the world before 2016

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