Monday, July 23, 2012

Secret Mission/Killer Headache/ The Jacksons

I'm on a top-secret mission in a location that I will be able to divulge tomorrow. It's been exciting up to this point. My friend (just a friend at this point) is also here.Today was a fact-gathering part of the mission, as tomorrow morning will be as well. Tomorrow afternoon will involve putting the whole operation together.
My job involves typing and being an errand girl. I don't mind it.

I have a serious headache.  I toughed it out until it got to the point of tossing cookies. My uncle gave me some medication. The anti-nausea meds have already kicked in. The pain medication should kick in soon. I'll probably konk out at that point. Right now I'm deciding whether to walk upstairs under my own power or stay here and force someone to carry me upstairs once the medication kicks in. I'm leaning toward staying right where I am and accepting a free ride to bed.

Nothing terribly exciting with the presidential campaign is happening at the moment. The Jackson family, as in Michael Jackson's family, is making up the news deficit for everyone else who is lying low and staying out of controversy. The late Michael's mother is supposedly in Arizona. she's resting under orders from a physician who testified on behalf of the physician who was convicted of being responsible for the late Michael Jackson's death. A couple of hours ago a physical altercation between unnamed participants at Katherine's home. Allegations concerning elder abuse, financial mismanagement, and forged wills, among other things, are being bandied about.i can't help wondering if any of this would be happening had Michael Jackson's financial situation not taken a dramatic turn in the direction of solvency following his death. Had Mrs. Jackson been forced to rely upon Social security and AFDC checks and his or her own funds to provide for Michael's children, I seriously doubt anyone in the family would be fighting over her.

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