Sunday, July 29, 2012

Going to Catalina!

The first thing tomorrow I'm driving south just a bit with a rather  large entourage to harbor where we can catch a boat to Sana Catalina Island, which is approximately twenty-six miles into the Pacific, according to a song from the dark ages. I bought ginger snaps to take on the boat in order to combat motion sickness. I'd rather not take ondansetron, as I don't want to waste time being sleepy, and my help will be needed with taking care of small children on the boat  That same song purports that Catalina is "the island of romance." but my intentions are anything but romantic. I'm going there mainly to parasail. The chance even of grabbing a beer is extremely slim as most of the people traveling with me are Mormon, but I'll keep my eyes open and grab any possibility as it presents itself. I'm not a heavy boozer, but I like to plug my nose and drink a half-bottle of beer on occasion.

My temp was still in the low-grade fever range when I woke up this morning, but went down to normal before noon. It may go back up tonight, but should be gone entirely by tomorrow. If it doesn't it will be my secret.

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