Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Wikipedia and My Education

At this particular moment, I am deeply depressed that I've amassed eighty-three quarter units of university credit, not county advanced placement courses. My dismay is not due to a  change in majors, nor is it because I have a dismal GPA that I must undo. I'm still at 4.0 (which, for all you little high school flunkies, is the maximum GPA one can have at a university;  we don't have a bogus inflated system).

I'm feeling regretful because just two minutes ago I was blessed with the inspiration of  an ingenious plan. I still can and will  implement my plan, but it would have made a more profound statement had i confined myself to its terms for the duration of my undergraduate university matriculation.

My brilliant plan is this: from this point forward, I will use Wikipedia as my sole resource bank for any and all compositions I author. In doing this I will maintain my 4.0 GPA. This is, I concede, more easily said than done. I cannot restrict my list of works cited to Wikipedia, obviously, but I will limit my sources to those listed in Wikipedia's bibliography for my topic or any Wikipedia entry related to my topic. In a worst-case scenario, I may even resort to editing Wikipedia's existing entries to reflect additional sources I must cite.

In making this bold statement, I hereby  challenge the notion that my generation's contribution to the world of research is not a worthy source for scholarly inquiry.

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  1. If you did that it would kind of be a public service project. I don't use Wikipedia much. If I need a general idea of something, I use it, but not for the big important stuff. I wish you could report people for updating it with false information. Because that's not really funny for people who are serious about their research.