Sunday, July 29, 2012

Do they really think we're THAT stupid? "Keeping up with the Kardashians" Revisited

I shouldn't admit that I ever watch this show. others with whom I am in contact do not waste their time on such drivel.  I admit that it's less intellectually stimulating than watching my dog empty her bladder, but still, it's a train wreck from which I cannot turn away.

Right now I'm watching the Angie Everhart episode again. In terms of celebrities, I'm not the most devoted follower on the planet. I don't usually read tabloids and am not typically up on the latest news in terms of what celebrity is sleeping with whom. A celebrity has to be on CNN's web page for me to have an idea what's going on in his or her life. in the grand scheme of things, the Kardashians are tabloid fodder and little more.

I just wonder how much the Kardashians and their producers honestly expect us to believe. Are we expected to accept that both Mr. and Mrs. Jenner are embarking on relationships that are clearly headed in the direction of affairs? That they're doing this in full view of the ever-present cameras? Do they expect us to believe that Mrs. Jenner really treats Bruce Jenner the was she does when he's Bruce Jenner and she's nobody?   I especially like the episodes when the viewers are treated to a moral "Sunday School" type of lesson from Mrs. Jenner. What next, Charles Manson coming on the air to discuss the ramifications of the commandment, "Thou shalt not kill" ?

And according to her mother, Kim Kardashian could be an FBI agent in, like, two seconds. Is this the same Kim Kardashian who couldn't even manage to stay out of a nude videotape? Yep, she'd make a great FBI agent. Hell, just put her in the Secret Service. She'd fit right in with all the nonsense that went down in South America recently. And now we've been let in on the secret that Kim Kardashian has a sixth sense and can smell when someone has a cavity. Why don't dentists hire her, or people like her, because if such a sixth sense even exists, surely Kimmy isn't the only one with it? Dental patients everywhere could be spared unnecessary radiation exposure from xrays because Kim Kardashian or someone like her would use their sixth senses to determine the presence of cavities. The possibilities are endless. And stupid. She has a sixth sense to determine the presence of cavities just like I have the ability to walk through brick walls or my brother has the ability to wash dishes properly.The plot lines of the programs are not believable, nor is the dialogue. I shouldn't be watching this garbage because it is slowly but surely rotting my brain.

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