Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Who wants to know about me?

This is obviously not me,. For one thing, the boobs are much too big. Someone had a problem with the picture my dad's friend took, so I'll use this instead.

Someone is very interested in me to the extent that he, she, or they have harassed  people who respond to my blog. The person or people are leaving odd comments and reading random past blogs in hopes of gaining my identity.  what is it about me that is so terribly interesting. maybe I really attend a major university. Perhaps I'm a thirteen-year-old wannabe who imagines what college life would be like.  Perhaps I'm a prostitute. maybe I live in the sticks in Idaho and am imagining in advance what my escape will be like when I get away from the sticks of southern Idaho and the LDS church and experience true freedom for the first time in my life. Maybe I'm someone's 86-year-old grandmother, or even grandfather.

I'm not sure why anyone cares, but I am unwilling to give up my anonymity. I rather enjoy the bizarre comments, but it would be nice if you would leave my cyber-acquaintances alone.

There are more productive things you could do with your time, just as there are probably more productive things i could be doing with my time than writing this blog. Writing this blog is, for me, therapeutic.  I say things I cannot say in real life. In order to do this, I do it under a cloak of semi-anonymity. I am not willing to give up my anonymity to just anyone without knowing to whom I'm giving it up and fr what reason. If you are one of a group of four people (if you ARE one of those people, you know who you are; I need not be more specific) or if you are a close associate of one of those people, you should cease and desist any contact with me for your own good. If you are someone else, sleuth away to your heart's content.

I've disclosed my reason for wasting my time on this blog. What is YOUR  reason for wasting your time? Are you acting at the bequest of a particular  blogging diva, or is it something more personal? Have I written something that offended you?  I'd love to know what it is about me that you find even mildly interesting.  Or are you not particularly interested in me but one of the self-appointed nosy Internet police, intent upon righting the wrongs of the blogging world?

Get a fucking life!


  1. Tell them to eff off.


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  3. I figure as long as you are asking anyone for anything, it's no one's damn business who you are.

  4. I hate that this place that is supposed to be safe for you is being violated. I do hope they lose interest with a quickness and MOVE ON.

  5. Everybody knows you're really Prunella Ginglestein from Boise, Idaho and you run a hamster farm.

  6. paul, I'm waiting for someone to say that I'm either D. b. Cooper or the oerson who kidnapped the Lindberg baby, or maybe even who masterminded the JFK and RFK assassinartions.

    P.S. I have no idea where Jimmy Hoffa's body is.

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