Wednesday, September 11, 2013

awake after about fourteen hours or so

from a stock photo; I'm too lazy to take a picture of my  own bottle

Something I took knocked me out for about fourteen hours, maybe more, maybe less; I've lost track. My mother heard mecoughing and came in to give me more purple sludge. If it's what knocked me out in the first place I suspect I'll be out again soon.  then again, amybe it was something else.

I'm getting many various and sundry  comments from anonymous bloggers, some complimentary but nit terribly sincere, and others random.  One commented on my format and how it looked just like her old one. I suspect she's hinting I stole it from her. I got it from blogspot's options. I've seen it in Mormon Mommy blogs as well. Maybe they stole it from anonymous, too. My guess is that they're all one and the same and are seeking info. If anyone wants to leave a comment, I'd appreciate a name,and ideally one connected with one of the log-in spots. Otherwise unless there's good reason, I probably won't publish the comment, though you;re freeto leave it for my eyes only, which is mostly whatit's for even if i publish it, anyway .

One commenter complained that she checked the box "please notify me when additional comments are made" and is now being notified when additional cmments are made. she wants me to fix if for her, but there's nothing I can do as far as I know. Hint to those who respond: don't check the "please notify me when additional comments are made" unless you really want to be notified of such. If you do, you're stuck unless you have greater knowledge of the workings if blogspot than I do.

Have a pleasant day.

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