Friday, September 13, 2013

Duggar Video

they who spawned the "talent" displayed in the video

The Duggars made a music video using some old Marty Robbins song.  (The fact that kids so young even know a Marty Robbins song is , to me, more than a little eerie.)  .Here's a link Hint: even though the two have nothing to do with one another, if you think Mark Russell is funny, this video might be something you'll enjoy.  Second hint: Ondansetron works best for me in terms of controlling vomiting.

If your thought process is at all similar to mine, you'll wonder why they wasted the time, battery power, and anything else that went into the making of the video. To each his own, I say, but this is pushing my "live and let live" philosophy to its extreme.  If the Duggars are amused by making videos that are of poorer quality than what my second grade cousin's class could come up with, they should by all means  shoot and lip sync (or "lip sing," and one of their followers called it) away. (We're just lucky they didn't do their own singing, as it's highly likely the result would have been literally painful to the pitch-sensitive among us. Some of you may think I misused the word literal , but hearing off-key singing is painful to those with strong senses of  absolute or  relative pitch.) One thing I can't help wondering is if you took a random family in a random hick town and had them shoot the same video (which you couldn't really do, because torture isn't legal in the United States) would the Duggar fans laud the video with the same level of adulation were they to view it?  My guess is that it is only the idea that the Duggars produced the "music video"  that made it such a fine production in the eyes of the Dugggar fans. I also think the Duggar fans wouldn't be able to listen to the pitchy singing, mediocre violin playing, etc.,  to which we are periodically treated if it the musicians were anyone other than the Duggars.

I don't wish to be a voyeur, as I've somewhat been on the other side of someone wanting to know more about me than I necessarily want them to know, but I can't help wondering exactly what goes on while the cameras aren't running that would produce the level of obedience that is observed when the cameras are running.  I think it's possible to raise well-behaved children without beating them, but I'm not certain I believe you can have the total and constant adherence that the Duggars appear to have from their children without instilling some element of fear, particularly when the parents are so vastly outnumbered by offspring.

I may be totally off-base.  Maybe JimBob and Michelle have a secret or two to which other parents are not privy that doesn't involve any threat of physical pain or excessive deprivation.  What they've published so far  I'm not swallowing as being the answer to domestic bliss. I'm not saying some of what they do is not good practice. I simply suspect a little more goes into achieving the level of compliance than what the public sees.

In a weird way I still like Michelle. If she and JimBob ever decided they could no longer make it as a couple, I'd be happy enough to have her as a neighbor. I don't fully  buy the sometimes forced smile, though, nor do I think a family can achieve the level of adherence to rules that we see when the older children are doing much of the parenting unless both the older and younger children have something to fear if the adherence isn't there.

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  1. I can't bear to listen to off key singing. I could never be a music teacher.

    The Duggars annoy me. They need to let their daughters date.