Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sleep, where art thou?

This is not the party that occurred in my room, but is not altogether dissimilar.

Tonight was supposed to be miy first night to SLEEP in the dorm. It's nightime and I'm in the dorm, but sleep is not forthcoming. I texted to see if anyone was awake. Pseudouncle was, as Jillian has been ill and is sleeping weird hurs. He got out his gutiat and skyped on guitar for me. A few others were awake and wondered by, knocked on my door, and I let them in. They couldn't sleep, so we had a roughly thirty-minute concert, One girl, Kirianne, who was in the room with us, has, as do I, a father who is a doctor. She called him and woke him and asked if it was OK to pass out Lunesta from her supply. He did a brif skype to ask everyone what medications they were taking and what health conditions they had. It was determined that Lunesta was safe for all of us. He was skyping on one computer as Scott was skyping on the other We pointed the computercameras and monitors at each other so they could talk. It turns out they have several mutual acquaintances as both went to U of U med school, though decades apart. Scott told the guy he's one of my doctors and Lunesta on an infrequent basis is fine for me.

So we had a legally-prescribed-Lunesta party in my room as Scott sang his last song, which is the one he always sings last for me: James Taylor's "You can close Your Eyes." I'd post a video, but blogspot seems not to be allowing me to do that anymore, so all I can offer is a link.

(Even the link feature of blogspot is non-operational, or my good friend did a number on that as well before I changed my password. It's a link that's worth cutting and pasting. James Taylor was so young and cute, and he sang and still sings so beautifully.)

Everyone is finally getting sleepy and has headed back to thir own beds. I set two different alarm clocks because I have a 9;30 class tomorrow, and I'd hate to sleep through it.

This blog has ended. Go now in peace to love and serve the Lord and to allow Lunesta to take effect.


  1. I had a little exchange with your pseudouncle. He seems like a pretty awesome guy.

  2. Pseudouncle Scott is one of my favorite people in the world. I haven't said anything on my blog about pseudoaunt being sick just because i don't want anyone randomly coming across something that provides information about her and allows them to put two and two together because of her line of work. She has a greater need to bremain anonymous than I do. I can mention pseudouncle, though.