Monday, September 9, 2013

what my parents said

I am not either of these people, by the way. It was a promo shot from a local Grease production.

I  was nervous about mentioning the person who's too interested in me to my parents because of Internet troubles many year ago. I eventually said something after all the company had parted and had gone on their merry ways.  When I brought up the subject, my dad mentioned that the photographer told my parents he'd give waive his fees if he could sell it for limited use. My parents thought it was a terribly idea, but the guy said he'd be judicious about those whome he allowed to use it.  i think I'm grouped in as part of the Monsons family because of some LDS site my grandmother had her secretary share it with. The photographer didn't retain exclusive rights supposedly. Then again, maybe he did. I don't remember what was signed. I wasn't 18, so it required my parents' signature. I only agreed to it because my parents said they'd give me the money the photo shoot cost them if I chose to let the guy have the rights to sell it.  I don't think he had the rights to any of the other poses, but I'm not 100% sure. Becca, I don't think that doppelganger was I, as I don't even remember a pose resembling that, in addition to my thought that he didn't have rights to any other poses, but I'm not 100% sure.

I've looked around, and the photo isn't widely in use. Mainly the Mormons used it. They must've thought I appeared wholesome and the perfect Mormon girl. If so, what a laugh that is, and it shows how deceptive appearances can be. Other uses of it appear to be benign causes, as in a few non-profits.

I'm more concerned about the person's interest in it  and/or me than anything else. For the most part, for security reasons,  in terms of being anonymous, I'd prefer that no one thought it was really I, so the fact that heor she believes I'm being deceptive in posting my picture is of very minor concern. that he or she cares does bother me. I'm more worried about being outed to the enemies with whom I have violent past histories and court settlements, and someone considering this a violation of any terms of settlements. I've already said I'm not using my actual surname for this reason. I couldn't be open at all about the things about which I write if I were outed publicly as being the author of this blog.

I apologize to anyone who has been bothered by this person. I don't know how many of you this might be. I'm perplexed byt the amount of thime the person would be willing to devote to harassing me. It mkes it think it coud be personal except that anyone I know in real life would know that the photo is I.

My psuedoaunt has an interesting related situation where she modeled in college when she was an NCAA athlete. It's an extremely gray area for her, as she wasn't holding any athletic equipment or even wearing attire associated with her sport, nor was she trading in her fame for cash in doing a couple of photo shoots, as she had no fame, but how a court would interpret it should the institution through which she received her scholarship learn of it is totally up in the air, and the hassle is the last thing in the world she needed. at the time, Her parents were telling her she'd need to finance her own wedding at the time. She had basically no money, and didn't want a Kennedy wedding or anything like that, but she didn't want anything as tacky as a potluck, either.  Her parents and her husband's parents ended up paying for almost everything, so the money went into the bank. She could afford to give the money back if she had to, as it's still sitting in the bank, but if she were sued for the cost of her scholarship , and particularly if the institution sought punitive damages as a result of forfeiting any matches in which she participated due to non-amateur status, it could be ugly. It's highly unlikely even if it went to court that punitive damges would be awarded, as she didn't intentionally do anything wrong, but court costs alone could set her back in a major way. The only reason she didn't tell anyone about it was that she was concerned it would be embarrassing if her classmates and teammates learned that she had modeled, as it would be easy for them to get the idea that she had a very high impression of her physical appearance, and really didn't wish to undergo any hazing as a result. (In a way, my reasoning for not sharing that my photo was sold is similar; it's a nice picture, but I'm not that hot.)  Where pseudoaunt is concerned, she's looked it up, and the statute of limitations is closing in rapidly, anyway. She has limiyted time in which to concern herself.

I'm going to  delete the picture for now if I can remember how to do it.  I just hope the person gets a life and leaves me alone.

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