Sunday, September 8, 2013

Surfing - not yet THE Maya Gabeira, but I did well

My friends and I had surfing lessons today. My brother and I actually did fairly well.  I would post a picture, but the place that gives the lessons is posting it on their website as well, which will probably ultimately land it on it  Google as well. My "conscience" who is concerned about blogging integrity would think I stole the picture of myself surfing from google or from the website.  You'll have to take my word for it  -- or not  --  that I was good  - not as good as my heroine Maya Gabeira, but good enough that the instructor said I'm a natural and don't need anymore lessons if  I don't plan to take the sport seriously and I just need to be careful and pay attention to lifeguards' and other posted warnings about shark sightings, riptides, undertows, etc., and not to overestimate my skill level with respect to the height of waves.

Note carefully, dear critic: this is Maya Gabeira, probably the world's greatest female surfer. I am not claiming that it is I. If you pay attention to the height of the wave, you'll realize that I'd have to be Jodi Arias to claim that I mastered a wave of such magnitude. I tackled the bunny waves. Still, I surfed them well after a few initial wipeouts.                                                                                                                                                                           

We're spending time at my house for the remainder of the day and evening.  Meredith doesn't officially have classes tomorrow because of freshman stuff, so she's in no hurry to get out of here tomorrow, though she wants to get her stuff into her apartment before her roommate takes up all the closet space.  I've been fortunate not to have to deal with that issue.  Alyssa has already started classes, but her college is just forty-five minutes or so down the road,  so she can leave either later this evening after the traffic eases up, or leave really early in the morning before traffic becomes heavy. I would go back tonight if I were she, but she's not bothered by early morning stuff, so she'll probably spend the night.  My dad will be awake so she won't set the alarm off when she leaves. Otherwise, she'd have to wake me up to disarm the system, and that early in the morning, I might do it wrong and wake up the entire neighborhood. I'm not a morning person.

                                                             I LOVE the Beach Boys.

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