Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Today when I was preparing the lovely slide and became ill in the process, one of the for-real employees -- a 24-year-old smartass --  videotaped my incident of illness. He's threatening to post the footage on YouTube. He says first he'll check with the legal department to ensure he's not violating any existing policies, as it would be funny to post the video, but not so funny that he wants to lose his job over it.

Since we're on the subject of 24-year-old smartasses, I'll post his picture.  This man may -- or may very well not --  be a pedophile. You can decide for yourself, and decide what chances you wish to take with your children, and with your animals as well, as there have been occasional rumors, which again may or may not be based in actuality, that he likes to get it on with dogs, cats, and farm animals.

Are yourchildren and pets safe with this man on the loose? Only you can make the call.  P.S. Please avoid Youtube for a few days.

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