Tuesday, September 10, 2013

feeling yucky

This is obviously not me, but it typifies at least part of my situation.

Since last night have had a combination of double gastroenteritis and cold/flu symptoms. I could deal with one, but not both.  It's an uncomfortable feeling each time you cough to have to be concerned about losing citrol, so to speak. I don't like to take Immodium or anything like it, because it works too well and starts a vicious cycle, so I've been getting my cardiovascular exercise before running to the bathroom, in addition to the infernal coughing, which has to produce some sort of cardiovasular impact, whether it be good or bad.

I didn't go downstairs or even next door to ask for anything, as I have 7-up in my fridge, and I just didn't feel like walking that far. I'm a late sleeper, so no one was initially concerned, but my mother eventually heard the coughing and came into my room. I talked her out of a trip up the road to my uncle's office because someone with a medical degre will be available sooner than we could've gotte there, anyway. Also, when one has the sort of gastroenteritis I have, it's not a great idea to be on the road for an hour, and there's not  great deal of commercde between here and there, which makes public restrooms few and far between.  My pseudouncle is coming by here with his diagnostic tools and an array of medications in attempt to prevent a trip to the pharmacy, if this is even anything medication beyond Tylenol or Ibuprofencan help.

My arms and shoulders hurt and it feels like iwas hit by a cement truck.

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