Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I would like to assume that anyone who reads my blog knows this is not I, but we'll leave it to everyone's interpretation. Regardless, it perfectly sums up how I am feeling. I suppose I could leave a link, but instead I'll let my stalker do his or her own work. Say hi to Becky (or Pat) for me while you're at it.                                                                                                                                                        

I have some sort of virus that doesn't have a name but has been hitting the area. The hospital has seen multiple cases of it. My pseudouncle is steering clear of the ER and is treating post-surgical patients on other floors. He wore a mask and examined me outside on the backyard deck to limit his exposure so he won't take it home to his wife, although she's sick with a milder version of the symptoms I have, so it may be too late for her anyway.

He prescribed an antiviral, gave me a mouth-dissolving antiemetic, and gave me steroids for my cough. He said if the cough gets any worse it will be a sign it's gone bacterial and I'll need an antibiotic on top of the antiviral, which  won't exactly alleviate symptom #2 of the gastroenteritis, but what has to be , has to be. I'm taking purple sludge with extra codeine, which can be an anti-diarrheal without the side  effects of Immodium or its stronger prescription counterpart.  My dad is out of town a the moment but will be back by tonight.

My mom just got a call.  Pseudoaunt has all my symptoms now, so there's little danger of cross-contamination.  There was talk of somethng polluting the oceam water here, but pseudoaunt never went in on Saturday.

The man who was in the final stages of some strange mitochondrial degenerative disease died today. The funeral will be Saturday.  When someone close to a person  or the spouse of a person to whom someone is close dies, one attends the service if at all possible no matter when it is, but it will be much easier for all those who wish to attend on a Saturday.

The bathroom isn't getting quite so much business, so something pseudouncle gave me must be working at least a little bit. I still sound like a barking seal.


  1. Feel better soon. Hopefully you caught everything in time and were able to save yourself from complications.

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