Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Wonderful Start to a Day

Daddy and I just had breakfast. We were part of a cozy little foursome which included my dad, Chairman Mao, Electra, and myself. Electra was in hog's heaven. She didn't quite know which male's attention she preferred more, although I think my dad won on that competition. She can throw herself at Chairman Mao any day. My dad is available for that purpose only on special occasions. When the pseudos visit late this week, I'll try to get them in and out of the ward without encountering her. I'm not particularly concerned that PseudoUncle will break any marriage vows in response to Electra's advances, but I'd like to spare him the whole ordeal of her attention.

After a counseling session, I'm going with Daddy to one of his hospitals while he works for a few hours. We'll then have lunch, followed by hurdling and diving. We'll have dinner back in the loony bin. I'm not sure what we're doing here tonight. There may be a ping pong tournament. If my dad gave even a half-hearted effort he would win, but he probably doesn't want to take out a kid. I'll tell him that he should play the winner after the tournament. All the kids want to play him anyway. He's incredibly popular in our wing.

My dad told me that he wanted to name me Aubrey, but that my mom wanted Alexis and he gave in. I wonder if my personality or my life would have been any different if my name had been Aubrey instead of Alexis.


  1. Apparently Aubrey means Elfin King (but is a name for males and females and Alexis means Defender.

    I think Alexis is probably the better of the two. Though both are good names.

  2. I think I'm more of an Alexis than an Aubrey, but maybe I would've been a different person if I had a different name.

  3. Alexis I am so glad your dad is with you and have some good time together.It seems to me that he must be a kind man and he wants to be friendly with every body.
    So is Electra ...electrified by some reason?

    I do like your name more than Aubrey cause I am not familiar with this name I don't have any friends named Aubrie. Alexis in Greek is a nickname for Alexandra, so I am very familiar with the name and it is closer to my culture than Aubrie.
    I don't think you would be a different person as Aubrie. Instead on an intelligent Alexis you would be an intelligent Aubrie!