Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jeopardy, Sister Wives, Dog the Bounty Hunter, PTSD

Right now I'm with my aunt and uncle at the home of the doctor who directs psychiatric residential services, among other things, at the hospital where I'm being treated for PTSD. This doctor, who is referred to in various posts as either Dr. Jeff or Chairman Mao, is a personal friend of my dad. My dad was in Chairman Mao's wedding, and Chairman Mao was in my dad's wedding. They've stayed in touch, although they did so out of my presence. I had only seen the man maybe three times in my lifetime before being admitted to his wing of the hospital.

My aunt, uncle, and I are at the home of Chairman Mao and his wife because they invited us to have dinner with them. I don't know why they invited us.
Chairman Mao's wife is a good cook. Mrs. Tse Tung prepared tri tip, garlic bread, salad, rice, and boysenberry pie with ice cream. I just ate a little rice, a little bread with no butter or garlic on it, and a little Seven-up. The greasy hamburger I ate last night made me sick, and my system is not ready for regular food yet. For once no one is hassling me about eating. I had to have an injection last night, which ruined my day. I think a person should have the choice as to whether he or she wishes to suffer with an illness or to receive an injection. I'm seventeen now. When I turn eighteen are The Powers That Be going to miraculoulsly hand over the reins to me and let me make such decisions for myself? I doubt it. I really like my uncle, who gave me the injection, and if someone other than I is to make a medical choice for me, I would choose him or his wife, but I would even rather make the choice myself.

We played a computer Jeopardy game. The teams were divided by "Over 25" and "Under 25" categories. This placed Chairman Mao's son (age 17 like me, but he thinks he's much older because he shaves), Chairman Mao's daughter (eleven years old), aunt (sometimes referred to as "PseudoAunt"), and me, against Chairman Mao, his wife, and uncle (sometimes referred to as "PseudoUncle). The geriatric team beat us by a narrow margin. The teams were fairly even. PseudoAunt is very smart and I'm not stupid. Chairman Mao's kids would have been thrown out of school and into the work force before the age of eight if they lived in the Republic of China.

"Sister Wives" is on right now. I can't get into their storyline all that much. They're just not as exciting as the "Big Love"-style polygs.

I watched a bit of "Dog, the Bounty Hunter" at the Chairman's home. I thoroughly enjoy the show. Lisa, also sometimes called "Baby Lisa," is my favorite bounty hunter on the show. What I really get into is when they're preparing to stake someone out and the adrenaline is totally flowing, and the bounty hunters are hurling expletives all over the place. Then one of them says, "We need to pray," so they briefly cease with their expletives just long enough for Dog to utter a prayer as they huddle. Then it's back to "F--- this!" and "S---- that!"

Chairman Mao told my Aunt and Uncle that I could spend the night here with his family and that he would take me to the hospital when he reported there for work tomorrow, but my uncle said he wanted me to spend the night at the hotel. I didn't say anything because it wasn't my decision, but I was glad to spend one more night with the Pseudos. They'll take me to the hospital tomorrow morning. I'm going back home to compete in diving and hurdling this week. I'll be glad to get home. I haven't been there since mid-January. On Saturday I'll come back here, so it will be a short trip.

On Thursday Uncle will find out where he serves his residency. The central coast of California was his first choice. The air quality is good here for Aunt'a cystic fibrosis. She developed pneumonia right before they flew from Utah to here, but seems to be getting better. She can at least walk one hundred yards without collapsing, which she couldn't do on Friday when I first met up with the two of them. Uncle was having to piggyback or carry her everywhere. He's strong and she's extremely light.

Aunt says I'll be the very first person she texts about PseudoUnc's residency. I'm so excited I'll have trouble sleeping the night before. I hope it's somewhere really good, and I hope it's in California.

Aunt and I are looking through People magazine in an effort to determine which celebrity PseudoUnc most closely resembles. I think Jesse Spencer is closest. Aunt thinks maybe Ryan Reynolds is closer. Uncle is actually better-looking than either of them.

Last night on an episode of "House," the characters of Chase, House, and Foreman were doing a karaoke version of "Midnight Train to Georgia." They don't sing as well as my uncle does, but it was incredibly funny.

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  1. I have seen Dog a few times on TV. We do not have bounty hunters in Britain, so the whole concept of them and what they can and can't do is fascinating.

    We also do not have many women like Mrs Chapman in Britain... but that's another story. I was very impressed by one episode when she comforted a troubled woman they were arresting, giving her some well-needed advice.