Thursday, March 17, 2011

American Idol

Am I the only person in California who doesn't really care about "American Idol"? I don't hate the show, the contestants, or the winners, present or past. I just don't really care. Under the present capacity it's virtually impossible for the viewer voting system to guarantee anything resmbling fairness or honesty, yet if the viewer voting system were tossed out, the show would lose much of its appeal. Even if the voting were fair, though, I still wouldn't care.

When I was younger, I was mildly entertained by each season's early episodes showing the initial screening process. Eventually, though, I outgrew the morbid and somewhat sadistic curiousity of watching random people, many of whom possessed little talent for singing, display their lack of talent on network television. I used to speculate as to the motives of those with no talent who so willingly exposed their lack of talent to a nation-wide audience. Now I can't bear to watch the spectacle.

Simon Cowell was a major source of controversy while he served as a judge on the show. He was abrasive in his manner of communication but was correct in a technical sense more often than not. While I took issue with his blatant prejudice against female contestants with plus-sized bodies, I doubt that his replacement has his gift of discernment regarding vocal performance quality. I cannot say this for certain because I do not watch the program.

I'm not someone who wishes to impose her views on others. Many of my friends at the hospital eagerly anticipate each upcoming episode. Some of my real-life friends watch it as well. This is all fine. My friends and I can have differences of opinion in regard to entertainment. I just don't watch the show with them.

I'm not automatically biased against a singer because he or she appears or appeared on the program. I actually like Jennifer Hudson's musical and acting performances and think she's a talented vocalist. On the other hand, I refuse to let the electronic ballot box-stuffing American public influence my choices in music.

Congratulations to Uncle Scott on his residency match.
I was the highest-scoring diver in today's dual meet.


  1. I get where you're coming from. I used to be a fan, but over the last few seasons I haven't been as invested. Jason likes to watch still, and my mom watches when she can, but I barely watch anymore. Especially this season. I think they all sound rather "pitchy" in my opinion. Steve Tyler is an ok judge and I like Jennifer Lopez better than Paula, but all in all the judges have become props (IMO).

    Congratulations on your high score! And, congratulations to Scott!! : )

  2. We have Britain's Got Talent and The X Factor, both run by Simon Cowell.

    It was noticed that Mr Cowell like women of a certain type. Just Google Ruth Lorenzo and see if you can spot what he saw in her... ;o))

    Hey! Good news on your high score, Alexis!