Sunday, March 27, 2011

Depths to Which One Should Not Sink

One of my cousins is obsessed with movies that feautre mentally retarded characters. (My mother will read this and insist that I change mentally retarded to cognitively impaired. I refused to cave in to the political correctness movement. Mentally retarded shall remain.) His friends that I knew all held similar fascinations with the topic. Movies I remember them watching repeatedly were "What's eating Gilbert Grape," "Something about Mary," and "The Ringer." They love to sing the song about "I see pretty girls everywhere I go," and they recite much of the movie dialogue along with the characters.

Political correctness aside, I find his obsession highly unbecoming. While I occasionally find inappropriate jokes funny, one must draw the line somewhere, and it seems that poking fun at cognitively challenged individuals should be on the far side of the line each of us would draw. I don't assume that everyone who reads this will agree. Pleast respond in the "comments' section if you have strong feelings pertaining to this topic.


  1. Your uncle's problem isn't his fault at all and you and your brother have no problem laughing at it. You have double standards.

  2. Anonymous, if everyone ignores so-and-sos 'little problem' who is then responsible for that problem?

    The one with the problem or the ones who ignored it and let it develop until it grows into a monster?