Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Marginal Success

This morning started out in the wee hours with diving practice. I noticed right away that the boards at my high school pool are noticeably inferior to those of the two universities where I had practiced in recent weeks.
It didn't affect my performance; just my enjoyment of the sport. I've been diving since December, although without the benefit of coaching. Still, that's more than most of my teammates have been doing, so I'm not really off pace.

The track meet was interesting. I haven't been training to the degree that my teammates and competitors have since mid-February, although my winter practice was significant. Today's meet was just a dual meet, so I was able to outpace my competitors in the two events I ran, but my times
were pretty far off last year's end-of-season runs. I'll need to run more religiously when I'm at the hospital.

Tomorrow I have a diving competition, so most of track practice is out for me. I'm still going to rush to the track as soon as I've finished my diving events for the day just to get in what practice I can. My parents will be les than thrilled, but that's hardly uncharted territory for me.

Life wouold be rough if I were a bona fide student. I do still need to go through the motions of attending class while I'm here and competing in athletic events, but I've finished all actual work. I could probably put on sunglasses and sleep in class if I had to, although if my mom's friends ratted me out it wouldn't bode well for me.

Soon I hope to be able to discuss something other than mundane high school affairs.

Good luck, Uncle Scott!


  1. Good luck at your diving competition :)
    And good luck to Scott, too :)