Saturday, April 6, 2013

You may feel justified in skipping church this weekend. This blog contitutes a sermon/homily/talk or whatever you want to call it from the Church of Alexis

On my Dashboard, one blog topic that popped up was "Tour the Duggars' Laundry Room." Why in hell would I or anyone else want to tour the Duggars' laundry room? I don't think I'd even want to tour the Obamas' laundry room. I'm not sure there's anyone's laundry room I'd care to tour. If you've seen one laundry room, you've seen them all.  Some may have a few more machines due to a particular family's disregard for the environment as evidenced by their rate of reproduction, but big fucking deal! So their laundry room looks more like a stainless steel laundromat than the average home laundry room?  Is a virtual tour of the Duggars'  something from which  you, I,  or anyone with an IQ above seventy would gain enlightenment? The same sort of people who are entertained by watching a video of a log burning in a fireplace might enjoy the video tour of the Duggars' laundry room.

In fact, I'd say the Yule Log channel or video has the advantage in entertainment value over the Duggars' laundry tour.  As silly as it seems, there's a quaint and cozy charm in watching a log burning in a fireplace, even if it's on TV or video. Watching it is not really making the watcher any warmer, though the power of suggestion may be at work, but if we're going to consider the environment, which the Duggars obviously are not, watching a video of a log burning in a fireplace is damaging the air far less than burning a log in your own fireplace at home.

On the other hand, does seeing what kind of detergent the Duggars use (the correct answer is whichever detergent they receive for free via sponsorship) improve the environment, the ambience of your home, or anything else? Does seeing how they make their own fabric softener (I have no idea if they really do this, but it seems like something they would do) make your own life more fulfilling? If it does, whatever floats your boat is fine with me, but it does nothing for me. Does seeing the high-tech machines they have in their laundry room (again I'm guessing; I didn't take the tour) that most of us can't afford but that they can due to the big bucks they get from TLC and other endorsements enrich your life? If so, I feel sorry for you. Does seeing the sheer amount of laundry that  must be done by some juvenile slave laborer with that particular "jurisdiction" add to your sense of pleasure,  without causing you undue concern as to the natural resources that are being exhausted because one couple decided to reproduce at such an alarming rate? If so, I'm concerned about your lack of concern for the Earth and its limited resources.

Perhaps watching the LDS General Conference has made me hyper-aware of segments of the human population who reproduce like head lice when they have the resources and knowledge to do otherwise. I apologize if my words come across as cynicism, but I'm sincere in what I'm trying to convey.

This mass is ended. Go now in peace to love and serve the Lord. (This is my admission that today's blog is more than a bit preachy.)



  1. Hallelujah and praise the Lord. Thanks for the sermon.

  2. Maybe they just have a healthy sex life.

  3. If I recall, I believe they MAKE their own laundry detergent... yeah, I don't know what to say about that...


  4. That makes sense. I hope they use belach or borax. If not, the underarms of jimBob's white shirst probably do not remain clean through many wearings. Then again, he cn probably afford to wear them once, then donate them to charity.

    I doubt Michelle does any of the physical "making" of the detergent. she probably just supervises as one or more of the J-named slaves does the labor.