Monday, April 1, 2013

Tomorrow: Day 1 of Skank Experiment

I forgot to add that tomorrow (technically today since midnight has come and gone) I begin my experiment of dressing like a slut for the first two weeks of spring quarter classes. I dropped my wardrobe off at the dorm this afternoon. I'll go to school a bit early or occasionally sleep there, then put on the streetwalker clothing.

                                 This is similar to the look I'm hoping to achieve.

A few things I picked up at second hand stores, Goodwill, etc.  Jared's little cousin had a few things she's outgrowing that are a bit snug on me. I went to KMart for a few things, and Forever 21 for a few more. I'm set for one week's worth of clothing. I don't want to waste a great deal more money on this venture. So far I've spent $37.77. The problem is that no one has clothing that will be snug on me that isn't kid clothing, so picking up freebies hasn't been easy. On the other hand, tops that are too big and a little low (though there's no cleavage to display) are not so hard to find.

It will look stupid to wear the same outfits each week, so I'll need to mix, match, and accessorize to achieve different looks.

I typically find the first two weeks of class incredibly boring. Perhaps this will help to liven things up just a bit.

If I want to go really over the edge, once people have gotten over my slut look, I could dress either as a Warren Jeffs-style polyg or as a Duggar. THAT, too, would make a statement, but it might be too much work and not enough fun.  The verdict is not yet in on that one.


  1. Funny that you did this on April Fool's Day.

  2. I hadn't even considered that, but how fittingly ironic!

  3. Best of luck on your skank endeavors.