Tuesday, April 23, 2013

must be karma biting me in the butt

I wrote a post in which  I spoke ill of, depending upon how one views things, the Lord's anointed, JimBob Duggar. Next thing you know,  old JimBob's a millionaire, but I have a nasty cold with a hacking cough. Then again, perhpas I just caught it from lurking in prison visitors' rooms. Only God knows for certain the cause, and so far, anyway, He's not telling  The worst thing about it is that I'm sick anough that my nose literally needs a tampon in each nostril when I have to use both hands to type or take notes (I was using loose-leaf paper for one class, ans you  need to hold onto it while you write) and I'm sick enough that I make barking seal noises all the way through each class, causing professors and classmates alike to stare at me with  ill intent, but not sick enough to stay home in bed. It's the worst of both worlds.

So either Karma or God is getting even with me, or I've been hanging out with the wrong element by spending too much time lurking in prison waiting rooms.  Personally, I don't care which it is, I just want it either to go away (best case scenario) or get worse so I can stay home and feel sorry for myself for the rotten hand life has dealt me in the past week. I can't be too sick to go to class on Thursday, though, as that is the day my Physics of Fractures professor covers one of the two really complex chapters.

Life will go on, and so will I. I can't do a hell of a lot about the Jared situation, but I hope the bleeping cold at least gets better soon.

Hasta la vista.



  1. JimBoob needs a vasectomy in the worst way.

  2. My vision is abut blurry today, which often happens when I have a cold. I initially read "vasectomy" as "mastectomy." While JimBob himself is certainly a gigantic boob, I'd never noticed his breasts being especialy large. My thought was maybe something slightky less drastic, such a breast reduction surgery.

    Then I made sense of what you actually wrote. I say detain the man and give him the choice between vasectomy or castration. He'd go for the vasectomy in a heartbeat.

    Tying Michelle's tubes would not be sufficient, because at the rate JB is going, he'll eventually kill her in childbirth or pregnancy. Even the mighty female body can withstand only so much, and the woman's uterine walls have to be about as thin as tissue paper by now. She's a uterine rupture waiting to happen if she allows herself to become pregnant again. The JimBoob would just go out and find a younger woman and start chapter two with the new version of Michelle.