Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Favorite Music Videos

This list probably changes everyday, but that's not necessarily a reason not to put it into print.  For the most part, I have to like the song in order to like the video, but there are a few exceptions. Unlike others of my generation, I don't necessarily agree with them that, even though technology has improved, today's videos are superior to those of a few years ago. Anyway, here it goes.

"Pon de Floor" by Major Lazor. It's just too bizarre not to love. I find something new in it each time I read it, similar to when I read the Bible. I'm not suggesting that "Pon de Floor" is scripture or anything like the Bible, so please don't start casting stones at me. I was merely making an analogy.

"Like a Prayer" by Madonna. The Queen of Pop is in top form, but it's the gospel choir that makes this video.

"Just" by Radiohead. It's classic Radiohead, and there's even a bit of a plot.

"You Can Call me Al" by Paul Simon. Chevy Chase lip syncs hilariously while Paul Simon plays along on a large bongo. At one point he appears to prepare to sing, but Chevy hogs the mike. It's hard to explain why this is funny but it is. The contrast in size between Paul Simon and Chevy Chase adds to the hilarity of it.

"Bad Day"  by Daniel Powter. It's a good song with a video featuring a boy who almost meets a girl about a thousand times through each of their consecutive respective bad days until they actually make contact, all going down in Times Square. Daniel Powter pops up at odd times with his piano in Times Square just to add to the ambience.

"100 Years" by Five for Fighting. The song is deep, and the video is deep. I love the way John Ondrasik has grand pianos placed in bizarre locations - on beaches, deserts, etc. It always reminds me of a couple of years ago when some moron carried a grand piano by boat out to a sandbar in Biscayne Bay, then had his friends torch it. Why torch it?  Someone could have held  a hell of a concert out there until the waves got too high. I like almost any video by Five for Fighting.

"Down to the River to Pray" by Alison Krauss. There are scads of videos of this, but my favorite is from the movie  O Brother, Where Art Thou. 

"The Scientist" by Coldplay. The video features Chris matin waking up from an auto accident. It's bizarre but good.

"Bohemian Rhapsody"by Queen. The song gives any videographer so much with which to work, and it seems as though the tendency would be to overdo it, but in this case it is, if anything, understated.

"Good Riddance" by Green Day.  I love the song. I understand the song itself is about a breakup and is really intended to be somewhat mocking and ironic, but is often taken more literally.  The video features the singer and various others with totally blank, mindless expressions on their faces. I'm not sure I get it, but I like it.

"Sister Christian" by Night Ranger. It's old-style and cliche, with a beautiful but pious Catholic girl getting tired of watching the good life pass her by, and eventually gives in and takes off with the fun group.  The video has some great nun scenes. Not that anyone ever accused music videos of overdoing reality, but I don't think Catholic school has been quite like this since the mid 60's. Maybe the song's that old. I really don't know. I do like it, though.

"Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's. It's a bit cliche, also, but it's sweet in its own way. I probably actually like the song more than the video. It reminds me of a girl my mom has helping her with our cleaning.  The girl actually married the musician after getting pregnant at 17, then had another baby. They're still together, but he's on the road trying to make enough money to support the four of them, and, at the age of 19,  she's cleaning houses with one baby in a backpack and another in a playpen. I don't think he has any idea how heavily the odds are stacked against him actually getting anywhere in the music business, but I have to give him credit for trying, and what do I know , anyway? Maybe he will make it. My mom would like to get the girl in college. My mom's afraid they'll split and she'll have no job skills except scrubbing showers and toilets. It's a tough situation. I wish them all the luck in the world, as they're going to need it. This really has little to do with the song or the video, but I'm just typing as thoughts come out of my mind to my fingers.

"November Rain" by Guns 'n Roses. The song is beautiful and the video is basically perfect. I can't say more.

Post script: Jared still hasn't received his mission call and it's driving him nuts. typically it would havecome about ten days ago. Maybe thy're saving a really special spot for him, like Antarctia. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


  1. I'm pretty partial to "Sledgehammer" and "Big Time" by Peter Gabriel.

  2. How sad I can only picture 2 of these off the top of my head. And of course it's Madonna and Guns 'n Roses. Hahaha!