Thursday, April 25, 2013

Making News Out of Nothing at All

I offer my apologies to the 70's or 80's group Air Supply for the paraphrase of the title of one of their hit songs, and also for associating their song with the Jodi Arias trial.  Other than it being a slow news quarter-of-a-year until the Boston Marathon shooting came along, and we seem to quickly be losing interest in that and going back to the Arias trial, I can think of nothing other than the idea that many of us are inappropriately attracted to morbid crime.  I admit that I've watched more of the gruesome mess than I can excuse, although part of it is my fascination with the weirdness that is Madame LaViolette.

Alyce LaViolette is a piece of work, to say the least.  She's weird-looking to begin with, which I probably shouldn't hold against her, yet her bizarre appearance cannot help adding to my total fascination with her.  Added to that is my opinion that at least half of the words that come out of her mouth are ludicrous.  Furthermore, she gives off the strangest of vibes. If I enrolled up in a class and showed up to find someone who looked, spoke, and conducted himself or herself as does Madame Laviolette, I'd seriously consider dropping the course even if it delayed my graduation or if the word on the street were that it was the easiest A on campus.

Somewhere on the vast World Wide Web, chances are that once can find some sort of Alyce La Violette Fan Club.  Suffice it to say that I'm not a member.

I'm watching HLN right now. A program, "After Dark: Jodi Arias Trial"  is currently airing. It features a mock jury and a couple of hosts that are strongly opposed to the idea that the murder of Travis Alexander was premeditated. I don't know how many rocks HLN had to dig up and look under to find so many mock jurors who seem to believe much of what Jodi Arias has to say. I suppose it's only fair, though, since so muh of HLN's coverage of the trial has been heavily biased (though not without reason in my opinion) against Jodi Arias.

I need to forget about Jodi Arias for a few hours in order to commit to memory what was discussed in class today regarding a difficult chapter of my Physics of Fractures textbook. Once I have completed that task, which should take me a few hours tonight and tomorrow night, I will have cause to celebrate. I hope that in a few short days, the late Travis Alexander's family and friends will have similar cause for celebration, although a "Guilty" verdict, even of the gravest charge on the table, is hardly cause for legitimate celebration. It won't bring Travis back.

I'm not idealizing Travis in death beyond what he was in life. He appeared to be a man, though well-loved by many, who was of questionable character. Still, he did nothing to deserve to die, and certainly not in the heinous manner of death chosen by Ms. Arias.

Still, is this really news on a national scale? 

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