Monday, April 15, 2013

An Act Of Terrorism

I obviously have no new information to add to that which is already being disseminated by the many news outles concerning the tragedy that occurred in Boston. My prayers are with the families of those whose lives were lost (reportedly three at last count -- one an eight-year-old boy) and with those who were injured or traumatized byt the event.

As law enforcement is doing its job, may sanity prevail. My hope is that this not be used a a platform of anyoe's agenda.

To the three people who have died so far, and especially the little guy, rest in peace.

In addition to the of terrorism, the were also acts of heroism. The first responders acted exactly as they have been trained to do. Nurses, some of whom were there to provide first aid to the runners, instantly went into trauma mode when the situation called for it, undoubtedly minimizing the number if casualties. Some of these nurses had served in the military in  war zones, and, once they got past the transition from the idea that they were there to treat dehydration,  ankle sprains, and such,  drew upon their training to triage, to get injured people the help they needed, and to save lives.

President Obama, I love you and stand behind pretty much everything you do, but a terrorist attack is a terrorist attack. Calling it such is not premature. Yes, we must be cautious in terms of whom we attribute it to, but terrorism is terrorism -- foreign or domestic.

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