Monday, April 29, 2013

The Fallout

What's going on in Jared's life is a whole lot more interesting than anything happening to me, so I'll share a few of his details.  Those of you who read last night/this morning's blog know that he had my name tattooed on his bicep because missionaries aren't supposed to have tattoes.  All hell broke loose.  His father said he's not paying for Jared's education. I'm not sure how Jared's paternal grandmother heard about what his father said so fast, since she's all the way in Utah while both Jared and his father are in California, but Jared's mom and Jared's paternal grandmother said almost simultaneously that if his father won't pay for his education, they will

Stephanie, Jared's mom, said every bit of money they have is half hers, and if she needs to go to court to prove it, she will. Furthermore, she handles their personal finances and oversees his medical practice finances as well.  I'd hate to see their marriage disintegrate over something as stupid as either a mission or a tattoo, but they've weathered worse than this as a couple. This , too shall pass. Jared's dad can be a jerk at times, and sometimes it takes him awhile to come to his senses.

My brother Matthew has what he thinks is  a great idea, which is to get as many males -- maybe even a few females --  Mormon, half-Mormon, or otherwise, to show up at Jared's student ward this Sunday wearing suits with short-sleeve shirts. Halfway through the service, everyone would take off their suit jackets to reveal realistic-loooking fake tattoos that all said "Alexis."

My mom told Matthew it was a terrible idea because when ladies were going to wear pants to church for one week just awhile ago, it practically caused an apocalypse. Mormons take insurrection very seriously.  If Matthew were talking about doing this in Jared's parents' ward here, I'd agree with my mom. In a student ward, however, almost anything goes. Furthermore, if most of the people with the fake tattoos won't even be LDS; what's the worst thing that could happen to them?  Fast and Testimony meeting meeting would probably be interrupted while  all the tattooed people were tossed out, but at least it would give the rest of those in attendance something to talk about.  Usually one leaves Sacrament Meeting   Fast and Testimony or otherwise, remembering absolutely nothing, because it's so much the same as last week and the week before and the week before that. etc.  Kotex Head incidents are few and far between.

Jared's mom and my mom both think it would be a bad idea for him to come here [to this city] this weekend, so he's staying in LA. My pseudoaunt's younger brother, Tim, who's practically related to him, has volunteered to host him for the weelend. Matthew will join them after his baseball game on Saturday. They'll do bachelor things. Hopefully they won't get anymore tattoos.

For anyone who heard the Gordon Lightfoot song I posted on my last blog entry, isn't it arguably the prettiest song ever written about a tattoo?

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  1. This is better than a soap opera... and RFM, for that matter. Jeez!