Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Madame La Violette, Snow White, and Humpty Dumpty

I understand why Dr. Drew and his colleagues are giving the Jodi Arias as much attention as they are. Nothing else of note is occurring in the news, at least among those who are more interested in true crime and Dancing With the Stars than with major world events. There's only so much to be said about Kim Kardashian's weight gain and choice of style in maternity clothing. I've violated my own principles by saying even THAT much about a Kardashian.

Some discusion is  taking place as to whether or not juror number five, who was dismissed from the jury, should be allowed to be to present for the remainder of the trial.  Since the public has no idea why the juror was dismissed, the discussion seems moot. We have no clue as to whether or not the conditions under which she was removed from the jury would be such that she should be barred from attending the trial. Some talking heads are speaking of her continued presence as grounds for a mistrial. In light of our lack of knowledge regarding the reason the juror was removed, it seems a  rather premature argument. The judge would want a mistrial less than anyone other than possibly Jodi Arias. If the judge felt that juror number five's continued presence at the trial were compromising the trial's integrity  in any way, one would have to assume she would ban the juror from the courtroom.

Juan Martinez was a little more on top of his game today than he had been previously. He did what my pseudoaunt said he should do, which was to ask the judge to compel  Alyce LaViolette  to answer yes or no questions in a "yes or no" format rather than resorting to telling stories or inserting her own agenda.  Ms. LaViolette's true colors are coming through more clearly, and she's demonstrating herself to be all shades of the spectrum of bat-shit crazy.

I didn't have time to watch extensive converage, but I believe at one point the defense attorney objected to one of Juan Martinez's questions, after which Jodi Arias herself sustained the objection. I don't know if she was merely thinking aloud or if she has even more delusions of grandeur than for which many of us  had previously given her credit.

I still don't know why much of Ms. LaViolette's testimony is being allowed. She's testifying to things that Jodi said Travis said, which is, any way it is interpreted, hearsay.  I understand that the judge has to err, if she's going to err, on the side of the defense, but hearsay is hearsay, and is almost never admissable in a court of law in the U.S.

I want to hear more about Madame LaViolette's treatise on how Snow White was a battered woman. Ms.  LaViolette would also be a fine therapist or whatever it is she calls herself to take on the case of what actually happened to Humpy Dumpty.  Maybe Humpty was the one battering Snow White. Perhaps Snow White finally snapped, stabbed him a few hundred times, shot him, then pushed him off a wall to make it appear a to be simple fall, all the while snapping pictures of the action. A little sloppy forensic work could  easily cover a few hundred stab wounds and a bullet hole or two..

Then again, maybe the dwarves, tired of seeing Snow White come in to clean their house and do their chores day after day with fresh bruises on her lily-white body, joined forces to take care of Humpty Dumpty once and for all. Any dwarf by himself, even with the advantage of anger-fueled adrenaline, would not have stood a chance against the rather stout Humpty, but if all seven of the dwarves had joined forces, who knows what they might have accomplished?  There CAN be miracles when you believe. (Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill, you know.)

For that matter, Humpty Dumpty may have stood trial for an unrelated charge and may have been prosecuted by the likes of Juan Martinez. The brutal battery of Martinez's questioning  of Humpty day after day may have driven Humpty to propel himself right over the edge of that wall. I can just hear it. Humpty: "Mr. Martinez, are you mad at me?" Any being as eggshell-fragile as Humpty Dumpty  could easily have been compelled to throw himself off the tallest of brick walls under such verbal fire.  Anyway, I'm fairly certain Ms. LaViolette's take on the topic would be far more interesting than anything I could ever imagine.

Deep in my heart, I do believe, this trial shall reach a conclusion someday.

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