Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Studying and Insanity; Great Video


I cannot study fractures any longer without every bone in my body spontaneously fracturing itself on the count of three. If I know enough to ace the final, great. If I don't, it was never meant to be. One can only study so much without becoming a psychopath or something worse. Since I just completed my psychopthology final, I'm an amateur expert on that topic as well. I can tell that I'm not yet a psychopath, but some form of insanity (of which psychopathology really isn't; it's more of  severe personality disorder that manifests itself in antisocial behavior) is heading my way and will surely strike me full force if I do not cease with studying immediately.

It's almost time for my next Guinness, or half-bottle of Guinness, to be more precise.  Without it, I don't think I can sleep without dreaming of spiral fractures of femurs or tibias, and spiral fracturs of any bone are not the stuff of which my ideal dreams are made. I have an early final and a late-morning final. Following that, I'll probably coe home, go inside my room, open the door, and scream at the top of my longs. Then I'll go to the beach no matter what the weather as long as a tsunami is not forecast.

On the sexually harassing professsor front, everything is in good hands. My pseudo-aunt passed it along to a colleague while she is out of town, so somoeone is monitoring everything and ensuring that no essential prior documentation is being buried somwhere. Furthermore, grading for the quarter has been taken out of the hands of the professor, somy friend will not suffr retaliation as a result of being a whisle-blower.

Good night, everyone. I'm now heading of for one of  my 2.5-times weekly buzzes.

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