Friday, June 28, 2013

Smooth Flight Out of Happy Valley

the snow-capped Sierras -- one of nature's great wonders

My flight was actually out of Salt Lake City, which is not technically Happy Valley, but the gist of it is the same.  I came home in a more financially sound situation than I was when I left for Happy Valley, even after the road trip, which is always a good thing.

I  received my check for the recording work I completed. It was for more than had been negotiated. I pointed it out to the producer, but he said that I saved him considerable money by nailing most of the tracks on the first or second take. I hate to be cynical, also,  but I know better than to count my chickens before a check clears the bank.  The producer seems like an honest and up-front sort of guy, but so do a lot of scam artists. The fact that we have mutual acquaintances should work in my favor, but I'm not making any plans for use of the money until the cash is officially transferred  into my account.

Yesterday I had lunch with my grandmother at a nice little cafe overlooking the American Fork River just up Provo Canyon a few miles.  It was all very amicable, which lends credence to my belief that the impetus for the issues between  the rest of the family and me have been largely of my grandfather's doing.

At the conclusion of our lunch, my grandmother handed me two envelopes, one with my brother's name on it and the other with mine. I asked if I should open mine, and she responded affirmatively. Inside was a check for eighteen thousand dollars. I could feel my face turning red. I told her it was not necessary for her to give me the money. I didn't speak for Matthew because he probably does need it. My grandmother explained that every other grandchild had received a thousand dollars deposited into an account on each birthday, and that my grandfather had refused to  create similar accounts for my brother and for me, and that she had decided it was not right to exclude the two of us from this practice, especially considering how generous my parents had been with various nieces and nephews over the years in terms of paying their college expenses. It seemed pointless to argue, so I thanked her and put the checks into my purse. Incidentally, the checks were written in my grandmother's personal account. It would appear that there is little or nothing my grandfather can do about it.

I haven't yet broached the subject with my parents. Just because someone gives a person a check doesn't mean the person has to cash or deposit it.  I'll listen to what my parents have say, and then I'll decide for myself whether or not to deposit the check. My assumption is that my brother will definitely deposit the check.  He should listen to what my parents have to say, but he's an adult, and the decision as to what to do with his check is his alone.

The scenery visible on the flight home was breathtakingly beautiful. The Rockies are spectacular, but to me, nothing compares with the majestic wonder of the Sierra Nevada Range.  Having both the Sierras and the Pacific Coast in a single state seems almost too much to ask. I know California has its share of wasteland and negative baggage, but it also has what would have to be considered among  the most awe-inspiring terrain in the world.


  1. Regarding your grandmother's gesture... WOW.

    I'm sure the producer is honest. It sounds like you did him a solid.

  2. Yeah, I second knotty's WOW. That is incredibly generous, even if it doesn't feel right for you. Think about it some more. I'm sure you'll make the best decision.