Sunday, June 9, 2013

Alcoholic in the making?Better than a sexaholic, I suppose.

I took my final in "Interactions in Biomolecular Complexes," which was not nearly so difficult as it sounds.  I know degrees of difficulties in courses can vary from one institution to another. For example Cal State University- Fresno's Music Theory I is the equivalent to Music Theory II or even III on some campuses; who would've though such would be the case? Maybe the biomolecular complexes course is a real nail-biter on another campus, but I didn't find it all that hard. Then again, perhaps I'm growing immune to difficult classes. after Risk Theory last quarter and Physics/Mechanics of Fractures this quarter, I'm not sure what could be thrown at me that would cause me any greater loss of sleep. The grades are already posted -- the prof must have had an entire crew grading them, as it wasn't multiple choice -- and I aced it and the class.

My finals tomorrow are in Asian-American Queer Studies (again, I'm not joking; this is a real course) and Psychopathology.  Neither final scares me, but I'm not taking anything for granted. I've been studying since about 8:00 a.m. with only a very short break, and I've divided my time between the two courses. I'm taking another short break and grabbing something to eat, after which it's back to Physics of Fractures.

I have a final in Sports Sociology Wednesday, but it  doesn't worry me terribly. I'll study for it tomorrow night and Tuesday, but more out of superstition than any actual need. My Appalachian Music professor gave us the option of taking the final on the last class day if we didn't have any courses afterwards. He has a Form B of the final for those who take it on Tuesday so that sharing of information concerning the final will be of minimal benefit.  I took it on the day of the last class session. Tomorrow after my two finals I'll study for Sports Sociology, which will leave the entirety of Tuesday for me to once again obsess over the physics and mechanics of fractures. If I ever break a bone again, I'll drive  the orthopedist crazy with questions about the specifics of the fracture, and I'll want to analyze the x-rays personally.

I'm feeling as though it's time for another Guinness even though I just had one either yesterday or the day before. I can't remember. For once in my life, I'm going to exercise just a bit of self-control and lay off the Guinness until after all studying has been done on Tuesday. Then, just before bedtime, I'll down my customary half-bottle of Guinness with the hope that I will be able to sleep without dreaming about the various forms of fractures.

I think the one thing that is keeping me from turning into a full-fledged dipsomaniac is that I absolutely abhor the taste of all liquor, including Guinness. I have to plug my nose to get it down. If it tasted as good to me as either grape soda or root beer, I'd probably have been in and out if rehab as many times as Lindsay Lohan.

Which begs another question: what if, when I finally get around to having sex, which will probably happen in about 2020 at the rate I'm going (Jared's lame advances have no effect on me) I actually like it so much that I cannot resist it and hook up with anyone and everyone who has the proper equipment in working order and is not a completely grossed out jerk? I find it hard to imagine, but what if? At least I'll presumably have access to the very best in prophylactics. I hope such does not end up being the case, though, because, at least in a theoretical sense sense, I think monogamy at any given time is a good thing.  There's plenty of time to worry about that in the future, though. For now, I have a major final to pass.


  1. Some of the classes you're taking sound fascinating... and highly specialized! Makes me kind of miss being a student. My husband and I were talking about me potentially going back to school. I can't say I have any real desire to embark on another degree program, but I will admit to being interested in learning more. The Asian-American Queer Studies class alone would intrigue me.

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  4. I my as did my research project a biography of B. D. Wong, Asian -American actor. He was actually very helpful.

    Earlier comments were removed and edited because I said more than I should have said according to my attorney, who is not really "my" attorney per se, but is a member of the state bar and is pseudo-related to me.