Sunday, June 2, 2013

all work and no play makes Alexis even duller than she normally is

                                                       Room Redecoration

My time at the beach today is what many unenlightened souls think college life is like all the time for anyone who attends a campus anywhere near the beach. I'm sure my paternal grandparents and all my Utah aunts, uncles, and cousins think I'm basically a dishwater -blonde Annette Funicello prototype  (may she rest in peace) without breasts. I don't really mind that university life  isn't total fun and games all the time (just half a Guinness when no authorities were looking ;) in part because on multiple occasions my broken body has been reassembled by doctors who did something besides party during their undergrad years. One can say a doctor will learn what he or she needs to learn in medical school, bud the undergrad years provide a tremendous foundation, and even some of the med school classes are taken during undergrad years now. (My Physics of Fractures class is a bona fide med school course.)

We played beach volleyball. We played it with a beach ball, which is the only way I can play volleyball, because a standard volleyball is too heavy for my fingers and even my wrists, and it's too easy for me to jam them in a game wite. teachers didn't like it when my uncle wrote uses h a regulation volleyball.  I've jammed both a finger and a wrist in high school P.E. volleyball. The physical education teacher wasn't happy when my Uncle Steve, my pediatrician, wrote excuses exempting me from any additional volleyball after the second minot injury occurred, but if fingers were wrists are injured, I lost money in those days because I was playing piano and organ for major $$. No one would ask the P.E. teacher to participate in an activity that seriously impacted her chances of being able to do her job successfully, not that she did it all that successfully, anyway. Now I'm not earning nearly so much money playing, and I don't have any Jane Lynch-style P.E. teachers breathing down my neck,  but I need my wrists and fingers to practice piano and violin.

I learned today that volleyball can be fun when I'm not constantly worried about being hurt. We played in the sand on the beach, so even diving for the ball wasn't an unsafe thing.

We had races in the sand and did a little swimming, but the Pacific off the coast of almost anywhere in California is more than a little frigid. After we finished everything else, we rinsed the sand off ourselves and swam in one of the campus pools. It was one with diving boards, so I even got to experience that momentary feeling of zero gravity. It's quite indescribable -- like nothing else.

Fortunately for my future patients (or clients should I end up in law school), I have no more of such days planned until finals are kaput. Then, with just the violin/piano practice, the lab internship, and a few musical gigs that I pick up on occasion to pad my savings account, there will be time for lots of beach days.

I even remembered to regularly slather sunblock all over myself so that I was able to avoid ending the day looking like a boiled lobster.

I even had sufficient energy after my time at the beach to change my bedding and accoutrements. I prefer this comforter/sheet set to the previous one.


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  1. Nana has taken me to NJ the last two summers, though I'm not sure that's going to happen this summer since Sandy destroyed most of the NJ coast. With all the extreme weather we've seen over the past few months, earthquakes or not, the west coast sounds pretty great.