Saturday, June 15, 2013

never made it to the beach / time for a new edition of column

I haven't been able to come up with enough energy to make it down the stairs,much less back up. My mom has been delivering food to a sitting area or loft just off our staircase (I don't allow food in my bedroom) three times a day. At some point I eat it,then go back to sleep. It's an exciting life I lead  Anyway, for the most recent edition of ASK ALEXIS:


What if a male's penis is too large in circumference to fit inside a female's vagina?


In cases of casual relationships, there are plenty of both male and female fish in the sea. In cases of committed relationships, dilation therapy or even surgery can alleviate the problem to some degree.


Does sex hurt?


Ask the author of Question #1.

CreditMy mother's best friend's husband, who teaches middle school science, in which human reproduction is covered, gave me a few choice questions from the proverbial "Question Box," into which middle-schoolers may submit anonymous questions.

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