Monday, June 17, 2013

Favorite Song from a Children's Book/CD

I hope this turns out right. If so, the song is from a Sandra Boynton book and CD, Dog Train.  The sound quality, on my computer anyway, is a bit choppy initially,but it does get better.My mom has it in her office at school, so I can't give as much information as I'd like.  Some of Ms. Boytnton's songs are better than others, but she has an amazing knack for getting people like John Ondrasek, Kate Winslett, and Kevin Bacon to record songs for her CDs that acompany her books. (I think the late Davy Jones of The Monkees even recorded something for her.)

This  particular song was recorded for the book-accompanying CD by Alison Krauss. Even though I'm really too old to like it so much, I do. It reminds me of a favorite childhood book The Runaway Bunny. I don't thnk that is just because of the rabbit pictures next to it in the book; I believe thesong itself reminds me of the book. It's one of the things my mom sings for me when I can't go to sleep. Usually only things in the key of A major put me to sleep, but this one is an exception.  My mom has a bigger voice than does Alison Krauss, but she can produce a similar effect when she holds back. When you're singing a lullaby, you don't sing as though you're trying to be heard by the last row of the auditorium anyway.

Incidentally, another favorite of mine from the Dog Train CD is "Pengin Lament" as sung by John Ondrasek of Five for Fighting.  If a person didn't listen closely, it would sound like a regular  Five for Fighting songOne of the university courses my mom teaches is Children's Music Education. She spends time in preschool and elementary classrooms to research for it, and she says that children tend to love this song even though the key, as written, tends to be such that almost any normal person who sings on-key has to change octaves. It doesn't seem to bother the children, though. She plays it on the piano or a keyboard in a more singable key. Regardless, it's a totally cool song. I'm not sure who is responsible for this  particular video. (Has anyone who reads this  ever traveled to Antarctica or, for that mattr, had any desire to tour Antarctica, by the way? Sometimes I think about it.)


  1. I love that song. I'm not familiar with the book, but downloaded the song in 2007, right around the time my husband deployed. I bought a bunch of obscure songs around that time and made a CD for him. I remember listening to it a lot during that time. It was very comforting.

  2. If Benjamin ever hears the penguin song, I am in serious trouble.

  3. I think the song is so cool that I wouldn't mind
    hearing Ben sing it 60 times a day.