Friday, June 7, 2013

Exploding Head! Guinness and Beach Time!

I've studied until my brain can retain no more information.  More studying would be pointless if not counterproductive.  It's time for my 2.5 times per week half bottle of Guinness. My parents go along with it in that limited quantity provided that I drink it at home, remain at home for four hours after, and that I drink it when my dad is home or coming home shortly so that the remainder does not go to waste. They can set whatever stipulations they want, because I could get it elsewhere if I needed to do so. as long as their requests are reasonable, however, I'll abide by them.

Tomorrow morning, if I wake up in time, I'll  go sit on the beach for awhile before my early afternoon final. Afterwards, I'll be joined on the beach by a few friends.  Sunday should be foggy, so I'll put in a couple hours reviewing for Monday's finals and for the dreaded "Physics of Fractures" final, although I'm not sure how much more I can commit to memory without my head exploding, the one consolation to that is that, should the head explosion thing actually happen, and should it involve any fractures of bones in my skull, I'll be able to define the problem precisely once I see the x-rays. I  know the material.

                                             not me, but it could be

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