Saturday, January 26, 2013

This Work Is Killing Me, But I'm Almost Finished.

I finished a paper detailing sexual equality among pygmies in the Ituri Rainforest.  The same course also required a lengthy essay, the topic of which related to the respect of land rights in relation to eradication and assimilation of hunters and gatherers. Grading in this course is most heavily determined by essay exams. I'll need to be prepared to write essays on demand on a myriad of exhilarating topics.

I also wrote a and majorly snooze-worthy lengthy paper on the statistical inferences of skewness and kurtosis in interpretation of the valididty of studies.   Do you care about skewness and kurtosis? Have you ever seen the word kurtosis? Neither had I before about three weeks ago.  Imagine writing a 12-page paper on the topic.

I risked not endearing myself to my "American Regional Literature"  professor by rejecting her "Supremacy of the Literature of, by, and for People  from the Deep South" bias by focusing on New England and Robert Frost.  This, I understand, is practically suicidal, but one can only take on idiocy from a limited number of directions at a given time.  I will in the meantime reassure myself with the statistical probability (considering both skewness and kurtosis, of course)  that the professor herself probably never personally reads our research papers and will not have a clue as to what was my chosen topic when she assigns my final grade for the course.
I've written a comparison/contrast of Moore's "Appeal to Common Sense"  versus  Lewis' "View of Epistemic Contextualism."  I've also addressed the degree to which  habit is stronger than reason in a 10-page annotated paper. I've read more than I ever wanted to read about the importance of scientists' re-testing the results of one another and how such (or the lack of such) has impacted the current knowledge base in science and medicine. Additionally, I started off this entire fiasco with the infamous "Essence of Stupidity" essay.

I've written counterpoints of every variety until I can't go to sleep without dreaming of them. Music Theory IV has been my least perplexing class, but trying to cram a full quarter of work into one week creates obsession where it otherwise would not occur.

My gymnastics classes are only .5 units each, so I don't have any actual fingers-to-keyboard assignments related to them as long as I don't miss more than two class periods. I wrote one of the make-up assignments that will be required if I miss class just so that it's completed if I need it.
If I don't need it, I'll sell it.    You didn't just read that here.

I'm finished. I'm going to drink part of a Guinness, which I've learned since I last consumed one is actually an ale.  (The classification is based on how the beer is brewed. Ales are top-fermented, while lagers are bottom-fermented.)  I will then sleep for probably thirty hours, after which I will resume attending classes, smug with the knowledge that the hard work for me has been done.


  1. It's not an ale and shit, you got a tough school. Skewness and kurtosis to me sounds like a bad experience I once had on a Saturday night.
    I just noticed in your profile to the left you go to mass. Probably explains the Guinness.

  2. I would fail college so hardcore.

  3. Most people don't take quite so many pointlessly difficult courses. Gotta impress those admissions panels.

  4. I with Amelia on this, I'd rather not burn my brain cells trying to dwell in college craziness...

    I burn enough of them just thinking about work ;)

    Kurtosis sounds like a STD not a math term. Curvature my ass...

    Now I need a beer!!