Monday, January 14, 2013

False Alarm of Sorts

The thug didn't do it.  A "friend" did it to prank the thug. The thug was at fault for having my number in his cell phone. I have no idea how he got it, but the town in which he lives and in which I used to live is not all that big, so it's not that hard to conceive of how he might have gotten my number.

Both boys blubbered like unfit whales in court, apparently. It is a felony to aid and abet another in the violation of a restraining order, so the friend could have been in serious trouble, but the DA let them both off this time with my blessing. They'll both face charges for this (the thug for even having my number in his phone when he had an active restraining order against him, and the friend for aiding him in violating the restraining order) if ANYTHING else happens, so it gives them both serious motivation to make sure no one in their circle messes with me..

I'm not in any danger. And I don't have to miss my gymnastics class.


  1. Good! They better have blubbered.

  2. Scumbags. Glad you're ok and get to go to class.

  3. Arsewipes. Happy to hear you're ok and life will resume :)