Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Life As a Character in a Soap Opera, Chapter 11

Last night I was text messaged by someone who has been legally barred from contacting me. The message was not friendly.

It's unlikely that the person is a genuine threat to me, but I still found it freakish, sort of as in a "They can find me anywhere!" sort of way.  I admit to having reacted a bit hysterically before the people with me appealed to my sense of reality.

The truth of the matter is that they  can't find me anywhere; they merely can find my cell phone, and only until I change the number, which I will tomorrow. Meanwhile, my cell phone is in possession of an attorney, so that person and/or his friends is free to text away in as friendly or unfriendly a matter as he chooses. It won't bother me, as I won't even know about it.

If evidence indicates that the holder of the cell phone from which the text was sent was the the actual sender, he could be looking at a revocation of probation. it's hard to believe someone would be so stupid, but then again, it's hard to underestimate stupidity.  If the cell phone was stolen, the rightful owner would have done well to report it stolen before the text to me was sent. For that matter, even if it wasn't stolen, the rightful owner would have done well to report it as stolen before the text was sent to me,

This may turn out to be like a slow-motion version of one of those Law & Order SVU cases, where LUDs are pulled and analyzed, along with cell tower pings,  in order to determine who might have been in possession of the phone, in order  to determine from whom and from where the calls were made.  Chances are that LUDS and cell towers will tell the story. Even if it was the best friend of the owner and not the owner himself who sent the text, the cell phone owner may well be found at fault.

The District Attorney who oversaw my original case has asked me to skype classes this week where possible, and to skip them where not.  the university is 100 per cent in favor of this, as they do not wish to be the next educational institution to receive national news coverage because of major violence. Jurisdiction concerning this present breach has yet to be determined, though the original court has jurisdiction until a transfer takes place.  My godfather is upgrading the security system in my home as a late Christmas present to me family.  The house where I'm presently staying already is equipped with an alarm system second only to what would likely  be found at 1600 Pennsylvania or Fort Knox. (My hostess works as a prosecuting attorney, and her father is wealthy. he feels that protecting his daughter and her family is a worthwhile use of his money.) My home's new system will be similar.

While I will be in my lovely community, I won't be on campus for at least a week. This bothers me in terms of not being able to begin my gymnastics and tumbling courses, but I'll make up for lost time in this regard  in the next few weeks.

And so it goes, and so it goes . . .


  1. Oh I am so sorry this crap keeps happening to you. I really hope at some point it just washes out and that you don't ever have to deal with this type of bs agian.

  2. If they think they can keep getting away with crap like this, then they must be really stupid. Especially with all the violence rapturing the news, as if you're not strong enough, or as if you don't have the resources to fry them. I hope this doesn't affect you in a negative way, I know how hard you worked on dealing with the trauma from that situation. I hope that whoever is dealing with them probation wise, deals with them appropriately and breaking a restraining order is treated seriously.

    Stay safe,