Saturday, January 19, 2013

Notable People, for Both Positive and Negative Reasons

I'll leave it to the reader to decided whether these people should be categorized as famous, infamous, or neither.

1.  Jessica Beagley, Stake Primary president who pioneered the use of  hot sauce as a disciplinary tool

2.  Casey Anthony

3.  The guy who made bird calls during the trophy ceremony at the Master's

4.  Katie Holmes

5.  Manti Te'o , of recent fame either for having been duped or for having promoted faux in furtherance of his Heisman Award aspirations

6.  Jodi Arias, currently standing trial for a bizarre and heinous fatal attack on a former lover

7. Nancy Grace

8.  Stacy Johnson Klein, former NCAA women's basketball coach, listed for sheer entertainment value even though she hasn't done much recently; google for more info

9.  Megyn Kelly

10. Karl Rove

11. Todd Akin

12. JimBob Duggar

13. June Shannon, aka mother of Honey Boo Boo

14. Taylor Swift

15. Pat Boone

16. Pete Carrolll

17. Steve Carrell

18. Stephen Colbert

19. Jon Stewart

20. Chris Kluwe, Minnesota Vikings; punter who boldly takes controversial stands

21. Pat Robertson

22. Newt Gingrich

23. Scott Walker, Governor of Minnesota

24. Bruce Jenner

25. George Clooney

26.  Mitt Romney

27.  Mark Zuckerberg

28.  Glenn Beck

29.  Colin Powell

30. Mr. Potato Head

31. Jim Harbaugh

32. Vassilus Kikilias

33. Kim Jong Un

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