Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day Off

My leg soreness has gotten a little worse and I'm feeling somewhat yucky on top of that, so I'm not attending class tomorrow. I'll miss my statistics course, my anthropology course, and my philosophy course, but I've contacted all the professors,all of whom are sending outlines. One professor posts the actual lectures, so I can catch it that way.  I have at least three buddies in the other two classes with whom I've agreed to exchange notes; the odds of all three in both  classes being out are slim, anyway, and all say at this point they're planning on attending.  Reading lecture notes after the fact is not as good as sitting through the real thing, but for any one session it's fine to do it this way, and my note-taking buddies are all good and will not miss the main points of anything.

My dad thinks I have a virus. He wouldn't have any idea what that virus might be, but he thought it important to share that he's certain it's a virus.   All he's really qualified to tell me is that I do or do not have lymphoma or leukemia, and I could have told myself the correct answer to those questions.  Whatever.

Monday more people will be missing from class than will be tomorrow because of post-Super Bowl recovery issues. I won't have such issues because half a bottle of Guinness does not necessitate any special recovery procedures,so I will be available for all my note-taking buddies.



  1. Get some rest and hope you feel better soon :)

  2. Feel better. If you need something to laugh at, check out the video I posted. I'm certain it will make you cringe.