Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Woman Who Makes Judge Judy's Voice Seem Easy on the Ears

In a recent post, I described Judge Judy as strident and shrill.  Maybe she is. Maybe she isn't. It was just an opinion.  By comparison, however, her voice is positively sonorous compared to that of Nancy Grace.

I understand that Ms. Grace has a job to do, and that, whether self-appointed to do so or whether it was the job for which she was actually hired,  she represents to voice of  the "guilty until proven innocent" contingent of our society.  I also understand that the presumption of innocence is required  in a court of law but that everywhere else, everyone is free to form their own opinions as to a person's innocence or guilt as long as such opinions are not stated in a libelous way.

I'm most put off by Ms. Grace's sense of self-importance and her vitriolic personality. Do you suppose she moderates her personality and state of mind when she's in a romantic mood, or even then does she spew venom about anyone and everyone who has ever been accused of a crime? Perhaps it was what attracted her husband to her in the first place. Then again, she has her twins. Maybe no further romance is desired. Don't imagine; it will only make you ill.

This is a slightly stupid thing about which to be annoyed, but has Ms. Grace noticed that only she refers to Casey Anthony as "Tot Mom"? What was so clever about that nickname, anyway? And why did Casey Anthony even need or deserve  a nickname?

By my calculations, I am 13% of the way through my workload for the quarter, though it is stupid of me to waste valuable time trying to determine precisely how far through my workload I am at a given moment. From now on, I'll just do the work, and I'll let  everyone know when I'm finished.


  1. Ugh, I can't stand Nancy Grace. Just flipping channels and running across hers makes me ill.

  2. I don't know anyone who likes Nancy Grace. Why is she still on TV?