Friday, December 6, 2013

I may or may not be the youngest student in my medical school class, but I do at least look a little older than this kid does.

I was accepted into my first choice of medical schools.  I can't say what, but it's on the west coast and it's a REALLY good school. They don't offer early decision, but they begin notifying candidates in late fall.

My dad was so happy that he went shopping replaced my car with a new one. It's a Toyota Corolla just as the last one was. It's not luxurious, but it's new, it's mine,  and it hasn't been totalled. It's dark ggray while the other one was blue, but dark gray is fine. I wouldn't really care if it was puce. He said it's not a problem that my brother isn't getting a new car because my brother knows that if something major goes wrong with his car, my parents will help him out as well.

My dad's name was on my previous pink slip along with mine, so he has standing to sue the driver who hit me if he chooses, just as I do. He said he'll look into it and decide whether he wants to take any action. If he brings the case, I'll still have to give a deposition and go to court, but I won't have to follow up with attorneys and those sorts of things.

My head is still throbbing, I'm still throwing up, and  and I still look as though I got the worst of a catfight in a bar, but I have a working car without having to reach into my hard-earned savings and, more importantly, i've been admitted to an amazing medical school. Life is once again worth living.

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  1. Congratulations! My first car was a Corolla too. It was a great car. I bought it when it was one year old and drove it for eight years. Never had any problems with it.