Monday, December 9, 2013

I will be not just a couch potato, but a bed potato.

Panda and I will be hanging out for the next several days.

I took three finals today and will take anoher one tomorrow morning, at which point this quarter will be history.

My E.R. physician totally violated laws concerning doctor-patient confidentiality on Sunday by calling my dad and telling him that I should not be out of bed and should not go to campus to take tests or to do anything else. My dad thanked him for his concern and said he would look at my X-rays. He did go in to the hospital and review my X-rays, but said he didn't see anything that would indicate I was jeopardizing my health by sitting at a desk for a few hours. He said I couldn't drive or do anything physical, but that taking a few tests would be OK.  I'm relly glad my dad is able to read X-rays and knows the basics (he's board-certified in trauma and emergency medicine in addition to his bona fide specialities of oncology and hematology) as I otherwise would feel bound to follow the advice o the ER doctor, yet I really want to get through these finals and be finished with this quarter. Resolving ncomplete grades is a big fat hassle.

Once I finish tomorrow's final, I will come home, get into pjs, and go to bed. I'll be the most compliant patient any doctor would ever want. Everyone in the house can wait on me hand and foot until that doctor or another one gives me clearance to get out of bed and resume my life.


  1. I will have to come up with some entertaining things to write about. You're lucky your dad and so many others are around to help you heal.

  2. Yes, please, Knotty. I could use entertainment.