Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Hello Again

I've been away for quite some time. Part of the time I've actually been away. The remainder of the time I've merely been locked out of my blog.  Since then, I've at least regained access to the blog , so I have returned in some capacity.  

I'm presently completing a fellowship as I simultaneously fulfill a residency. In roughly thirty months I will have attained dual certification.  Hours are sometimes very long, and the job ranges from humdrum to rather intense, but I am more or less surviving.

At the moment, work hours are not long. COVID has reared its ugly head. I actually contracted the dreaded virus in addition to bacterial pneumonia. My lungs have remained inflated, however, and I'm winning the war on both fronts (against COVID and pneumonia).  Drugs usually prescribed here only to patients in hospitals are being given to me at home because hospital personnel who have already recovered from COVID are incurring the risks (we're not yet certain just how long anyone who has recovered from COVID retains immunity) necessary to oversee the administration of my IV drugs so that I may remain in the comfort of my own apartment.

I expect to return to work somewhere between one and two weeks from now. Meanwhile, I do everything my doctors tell me to do in order to hasten my recovery.  In effort to spare others and to minimize the spread, I remain within the confines of my studio apartment. You would be doing the world a favor if you took as many precautions as are practical for you to take and, if you do contract the virus,  you kept yourself at home until your healthcare practitioner told you it was OK to do otherwise.  I have a comfortable apartment, just as most of you have comfortable homes. It's not such a great sacrifice to stay home for a few weeks if you do contract COVID. The life you save by doing so might very well be that of a worthless piece of slime, but then again, it might be the life of someone you, I, and many others would love to keep on the planet with us for as long as is possible.


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  1. So very glad to see you back writing. laperla