Friday, December 27, 2013

Court Recess

Court is in recess.

We're having our midday break here. The chances of the jury being empaneled today are somewhere between zero and negative 12.  Pseudoaunt and her co-prosecutor have used only two peremptory challenges. The dense attorney has disimissed ten today for a total of eighteen, including the two remaining highest on pseudoaunt's priority list for peremptory challenge. The state has used only two peremptory challenges.

Pseudoaunt's brother and and her husband's cousin are in court today. Pseudaunt's husband's cousin is an actor and screenwriter, and he's using the experience to asquire background information to be used at a laser date, or so he says. I think that's just how he's justifying deducting the cost of his flight here, if you ask me, which no one did. Pseudoaunt's borther is mainly here because she was sick a few days ago and he's a fourth-year medical student. He's also the engineer who wrote the computer program I'm using. He's looking at it in use to see if there's anything he can do to improve it.

I'm going to propose that I will come to pseudoaunt's house and pack for her this weekend if doing such would allow us to  then leave as soon as the jury is empaneled and court has recessed, assuming this all happens on Monday. Pseudaunt hates packing, so it sould be a good deal for her. pseudouncle doesn't want her to worry about getting ready for the trip until she's finished in court, as he doesn't want her to be unduly stressed as we're leaving. If I do everything for her, though . . .

Packing has become much easy for pseudoaunt, as her mom bought extra clothing for all four seasons - Utah actually HAS four seasons  -- to be left at her condo in Utah so that traveling there and back would be easier. Pseudoaunt even pays for someone to come in and do her laundry including  towels and bedding after she returns to California. The main issue for packing for Pseudoaunt is getting all of her medication and equipment together and ensuring that nothing critical is left. Pseudouncle should be able to take care of that, or at least double check after I've packed it to ensure that everything is there. He won't forget anything.

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