Monday, December 30, 2013

Debby Boone, one-hit wonder extraordinaire

Huffington Post is reporting that Debbie Boone has confessed to being a one-hit wonder. ??????????????? Confessed????????????

Isn't being a one-hit wonder or, for that matter, a two-hit wonder, a sixteen-hit wonder, or a wonder with any other denomination of hits attached to it, an objective measure?  Why would being such require a confession? It's not even as though it's akin to something that's widely accepted as true, such as  OJ's culpability in the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, but for which he has never admitted guilt. Were OJ to admit to the double murder, that would be newsworthy.

If Tom Cruise were to acknowledge having bisexual tendencies, that would be newsworthy. On the other hand, if Tom Cruise were to acknowledge  having appeared in the movie Top Gun, it seems unlikely that the presses would be halted mid-edition for the purpose of including such information, which is self-evident.

An artist's status as a one-hit wonder is likewise self-evident and as such  requires no acknowledgement or declaration  on the part of the artist. Depending upon the definition ascribed to the designation, a person either is or isn't a one-hit wonder. Debbie Boone is. Were Ms. Boone to outrightly admit to being either a dingbat or a lunatic, which she may or may not be, that would possibly be newsworthy. Were she to check in to the Betty Ford Clinic, that too,  would be newsworthy.  Her one-hit wonder status or any personal admission of such, however, is hardly worthy of a bullet on the screen of even such a lowly outlet as Huffington Post.

P.S. I'm en route to Utah now. A jury was empaneled just before 10:00 a.m.


  1. Oh come on… she had a hit with "On the Way to Lovin' Me Again"… and she did sing on that Lassie movie with her dad…

  2. "On the Way to Lovin' Me Again" ? I blinked and missed it. It wasn't top 40, was it?

    She did something called "California" as well, from a Joe Brooks movie, I think, which "You Light Up My Life probably was as well, but "California" wasn't top 40.

  3. Looked it up. It charted #1 on the country billboad but never crossed over to chart, so she's still technically a one-hit wonder.

  4. Having sung with Pat Boone on "Lassie" counts against rather than in favor of a person.

    1. I think "On The Road to Lovin' Me Again" was in the Lassie movie.

  5. It doubly counts against her, then.

    We'll be entering Utah fairly soon, though we'll still considerably south of where we need to be. All the drivers are alert so we're not stopping at a hotel.